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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Happy Little Camper Sessions

This ever so talented mother of two gorgeous boys created the camping set for this session!  Here is the lovely Jen and her beautiful family.  Eeeeek!!!! They are super cute! 

Also, we have happy little glamping for girls!!!  Thanks to this adorable little Miss who brought some sass and beauty to camp!


Sunday, April 27, 2014

Maggie & Nate's Wedding

     Today marks Maggie and Nate's first anniversary!  They are such a lovely couple and I know that Nate is probably doing something super sweet for Maggie as they remember their wedding day from last April.  Maggie and Nate are definitely "Meant to Bee" and are as sweet as their honey wedding favors!!  Seriously.....they are really cute!  Their day was filled with early blooming spring flowers, chilly New England evening air, and a ton of love and laughter.  I loved all the hues of purple from the bridesmaids dresses, flowers, and uplighting.  What I loved the most about this day was being at the lighthouse and making some amazing portraits in the freezing cold.  The weather was not too kind to us by the sea, but Maggie, Nate and their wedding party did an awesome job posing, pretending to be warm, and might I mention that they had to walk through giant rock covered territory!  I was so happy to photograph them with my amazing second shooter Melissa DeCastro who knows and understands that we all must do what it takes for pretty pictures.  Maggie and Nate's wedding day swept by so fast (as they all do) and I hope that they can take a moment on their first anniversary to remember some of the emotions of the day:  the anticipation and nerves, the "I'm so happy I'm going to cry" feeling, and the "we did it"  feeling!

    Congratulations  Mr. and Mrs. Katz!  You've completed your first year as a married couple!!!  It was such an honor capturing the both of you and witnessing all the love that surrounds the two of you!!!

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